Our Mission

From Historic Mansion to Children's Museum

In 1982 a coffee and tea shop was opened in the three-story brick mansion. Two rooms of the house, which was once a studio used by voice and piano instructor Martha Roberts, were redecorated. The rooms' decor capitalized on the beveled and stained glass windows, hardwood floors and carved French doors of the 1890s home.

After several years of planning, the Quaint Corner Children's Museum now occupies most of the remainder of the historical site. --Debbie Epple, Altoona Mirror, 1987.

Susan Foreman's Dream

Susan Foreman had a dream for children fostered in her objectives. Her vision was tenacious enough to make payments on the house until it was purchased, make the necessary repairs and find a trust foundation to sustain the museum after she left Altoona.

Susan bequeathed the museum to the museum board making it a viable resource and engendering the ongoing creative activity in a discovery center which is carried on today.

With support from our community, we can continue to keep admission prices low and add new exhibits to Quaint Corner. If you would like to make a donation or view items on our needs list, please visit the link below for more information.

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