What is Quaint Corner?

Learning Through Play

Quaint Corner It is an interactive, hands-on children’s museum and discovery center for families to enjoy together. In a beautiful Victorian mansion, each room has become a hands-on environment for learning through play.

The average visit is about two hours, but you may stay as little or as long as you like during our open hours. We recommend starting at the top floor and working your way down in order to try everything and to save the basement for last. Adult supervision required.

Restrooms are on the 2nd floor (with changing table), 1st floor, and in the basement.

Quaint Corner Exhibits

Exhibit Tabs

Get Ready for a Pirate Adventure

Complete with a Captain’s Cabin, sails and a Pirate Map, our newest play area is now ready for visitors. Surrounded by a jungle, the large indoor sandbox and climbing wall are the perfect place for fantasy play. Hunt for treasure or sail the seven seas - you can go anywhere your imagination takes you!!

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Office & Gift Shop

Our office and gift shop are located right inside the mansions main entrance. Stop by the Parlor and watch the Harmonograph draw using the earth's rotation.

Party Room

Make your child's special day extra special! Let their imagination run wild and explore all the exhibits of quaint corner. Birthdays, field trips, special events and more. Make your reservation today!

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Fun and Learning Await Upstairs

The fun continues on the second floor with our Physics, Drama and Art Rooms. As you explore each room, you will discover interactive science exhibits, create your own works of art, play dress up and perform on stage for everyone to enjoy.

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Fun for All Ages

Quaint Corner is designed with families in mind, from toddlers to school age children, there's fun and learning for everyone.

On our third floor, you can visit Thomas the Tank and Friends in the Transportation Room or stop by the Animal Hospital and care for our fluffy animal friends.

The Market Place is just around the corner with grocery shelves and shopping carts, and bargains for little shoppers.

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