a quaint corner children's museum & discovery center


Union Avenue

Altoona, PA
Wednesday, Friday,
10 a.m.-5 p.m
$4 per person
(2yrs. and up)

    "In 1982 a coffee and tea shop was opened in the three-story brick mansion. Two rooms of the house, which was once a studio used by voice and piano instructor Martha Roberts, were redecorated. The rooms' decor capitalized on the beveled and stained glass windows, hardwood floors and carved French doors of the 1890s home. After several years of planning, the Quaint Corner Children's Museum now occupies most of the remainder of the historical site." --Debbie Epple, Altoona Mirror, 1987.

   Susan had a dream for children fostered in her objectives. Her vision was tenacious enough to make payments on the house until it was purchased, make the necessary repairs and find a trust foundation to sustain the museum after she left Altoona.  She bequeathed the museum to the museum board making it a viable resource and engendering the ongoing creative activity in a discovery center which is carried on today. (www.susanscottpoetry.com)

   The Museum was founded: to promote creative thought in children, to foster appreciation of history, art and science through a hands-on approach, to increase an awareness of the cultural richness of early Altoona, and to motivate the community to become involved in this on-going cultural pursuit.   Today we carry on the tradition that was the dream of Susan Foreman( and have added many displays, events and programs to keep young minds growing. Contributions from private donors and the community are how we exist today and continue to grow.

Quaint Corner's Mission is:
To offer educational and interactive exhibits for children, bring families together in a safe environment, emphasize the importance of family values, spark the imagination to inspire learning and nurture growth through play.

On the 1st floor -

   Watch the Harmonograph draw, using the earth's rotation.

 On the 2nd floor
Physics Discovery -Don’t be afraid of the dark –  Turn out the lights and see our Neon pens that write in the dark!--  YOU have the power!   Turn the switch for Machines that defy gravity.

 In the Art Room - You and your child can create an original sculpture in art clay.  For $1 (cost of clay) you may take it with you. Create a Quaint Corner Memory.  

The Drama Room  - walk onstage for imaginative play in costumes –
You and your child can be writer, director or  star! - A hush falls over the audience…

On the 3rd floor -
The Toddler Play Area with soft spaces for exploration, the Transportation Room with Thomas the Tank and friends wait for your next adventure.

The Veterinarian’s Office is open, with animal friends waiting for some loving from little arms.  A real x-ray viewer helps to find the problem and fix it right away!

Market Place is just around the corner with grocery shelves and shopping carts.  Find the best bargains for little shoppers here!

Complete with a Captain’s Cabin, sails and a Pirate Map, the newest play area is now ready for visitors.   Located in the basement, in largest indoor sandbox with a new climbing wall and surrounded by a jungle, here is the perfect place for fantasy play- hunting for treasure or sailing the seven seas - anywhere imagination takes you!!!

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President:  Richard Flarend, SecretaryCarrie FreieTreasurerLinda Walter
Board of Directors:    Peggy Fields, Michelle Hartye, Diane OsGood, Anita Vance.
 Museum Director
Coreena Detrich

Quaint Corner Children's Discovery Center is a recognized 501(c)3.
Your donations help to keep our admission low and to bring new exhibits to Quaint Corner.